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My work consists of figurative oil paintings on mostly generous linen. these are to be typed as sober and atmospheric. I take inspiration from everyday life, the things around me. The hustle and bustle of the sparrows in the garden or the imposing deer in the forest around the corner. But also conviviality in the House plays a role, think of the bottles of wine that pass the table. Every now and then I shoot ' out of the pass ' in terms of color use and can then enjoy working with color, 

I work both autonomously and on assignment.


You can find some of my paintings continuously At the largest design center in the middle of the Netherlands,

Kok Living Center in Hoogland/Amersfoort.


Recently there have been ArtPrints available from a selection of my work! These high quality prints on glass and aluminum go on order and have a delivery time of five to seven weeks. Interested?

More information about these products GlassArt and Aluart can be found in the shop under Art prints.


Due to the success of the ArtCards, this collection has recently been expanded With a birthday calendar of the Sparrows!

You can also find them in the shop, and you will also be able to meet them at the better bookstore and museum shop in Holland. Soon I expect even more fun from this collaboration with Bekking & Blitz Publishers.


Do you have questions, comments, tips or would you like to exchange creative ideas? Please contact me, love to speak to you!


-I wish you a lot of fun visitting my SITE-


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TEL. + 31 6 36152759